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MUST SEE: Weird Creatures we have never seen but exist

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Wildlife never ceases to astonish us with its diversity. You've probably never even heard of many of the creatures living on our planet, while their appearance will make your eyebrows go all the way up.

You will be amazed by the cute animals that you will see and most of them are from Asia and Europe.

5. Japanese spider crab

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Spider crabs are among the biggest of their kind and can massively reach weights of 40 pounds, with their front legs spanning almost 10 feet. Spider crabs feed on mollusks and the remains of animals and live up to 100 years.

4. Frill-necked lizard

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Frill-necked lizards are excellent hunters, standing upright on their back claws and hissing with their frills open.

3. Stove pipe sponge

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These sponges take the shape of tube formations that can look pretty awesome at the right angle. A single tube can grow up to 5 feet high and 3 inches thick, and it never stops growing until it dies after hundreds of years.

2. Thorny devil

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Thorny devils are lizards unique to Australia. Thanks to the thorns on its head that play the role of a false head, it easily fools both its enemies and its victims. Horny devils are gluttons: a single lizard can eat several thousand ants a day.

1. Blob fish

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Blob fish lives at depths of 2,400 feet, and its density is much less than that of water, so it can swim without any effort. By the way, in Asia, its meat is considered a delicacy.

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