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Zimbabwe: How mobile money providers responded to the so called ban on their services

Mahwira 06/28/2020

Yesterday(Friday) , the Government announced the suspends Ecocash, One Money and all Mobile money services.The government of Zimbabwe had with immediate effect suspended all mobile money services and trading on the Zimbabwe Stock exchange.

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The Government undertook a series of prudent and coordinated interventions to deal with malpractices, criminality and economic sabotage which are allegedly perpetuated by what it termed “wolves in sheep skins amongst our population who are meant to benefit only themselves.

According to the media statement,the measures included the suspension of all monetary transactions on phone-based mobile money platforms in order to facilitate intrusive investigations, leading to the arrest and prosecution of offenders.


All of the three Zimbabwe's Mobile Money Providers in response today (Saturday) said that it was business as usual despite Secretary Nick Mangwana’s loquacious and ostentatious statement yesterday stating in unequivocal terms that their services had been banned.

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Telecel for example which runs the telecash money mobile facility,did not seem moved by the Government 's statement. It assured people that they could continue using their service.

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There was also assurance from OneMoney that the millions of Zimbabweans did not have to fear anything.They were given encouragement to continue using the services as normal as possible. OneMoney is an entity of the NetOne cellphone company.

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Ecocash which is the pioneer of mobile money provider in Zimbabwe assured the people that it was an entity that was recognized by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and therefore people did not have to panic.They urged the people to remain calm and never be intimidated by the statement.

No comment has been made by the minister of finance or the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor yet.

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