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Can you identify abuse in a relationship?

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With all the killings and abuse of woman and children happening around the world but especially in South Africa, there's a need to ask 'If one can identify abuse in a relationship?'.

Below is a few questions to determine that:

1.Is it abuse if your partner wants your social media login details?

2.Is it a form of control if your partner tells you to stop being friends with certain people?

3.True/False- Men and Women are both equal in a relationships.

4.True/False- constantly accusing someone of being unfaithful often leads to abuse.

5.True/False- abusive partners often make you feel insecure and like you're not enough.

6.Someone who tells you what to wear is:

- Loving

- Controlling

- Caring

7.Acting jealous and as if they own you is:

- Cute

- Normal

- A Red Flag

8.True/False- It is normal for your partner to rape/ sexually abuse you.

9.True/False- Gaslighting ( a manipulative way of making you doubt yourself) is a form of emotional abuse.

If you answered 'No' to the first two questions then you're in denial. From question three-five, your answers should have been 'True'. 6 - Controlling, 7- A Red Flag, 8- False, 9- True.

If your answers were different, it is safe to say you cannot identify abuse in a relationship, which could mean you've been going through it and didn't even know or you haven't, therefore you now know what to look for.

Do not stay in an abusive relationship no matter how much love you have for that person because the only person who is suffering is you- the abused. Everything you're getting from him, you can still get even after you leave - there are facilities to help you:*GBV command centre:- 0800 428 428 or *120*7867# (free)

*Urgent victim response line:- 0800 150 150

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