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Loadshedding : Is this problem coming back?

BotheoSathekge 06/25/2020

Covid-19, the global pandemic has indeed caused a standstill in our lives, throughout the world but there is only one positive thing South Africans got out of it.

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It is evident that after the outbreak, loadshedding was a thing of the past but as levels decrease, loadshedding begins in various parts of Limpopo. Residents have gone a total of 12 hours of no electricity recently.

The struggle was real as people would spend a total of 10 hours at different times during the day without electricity.

All thanks to the outbreak of the coronavirus we bid loadshedding goodbye. Loadshedding was allegedly introduced because of the lack of coal and even money being stolen from eskom.

Are we moving from one struggle to another? Is the South African government playing with our lives?

Loadshedding is the main cause of a variety of problems from an increase in criminal activity to the inability of students to study in the dark.

Source: opera.com
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