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The Grade 10 & 11 are reopening in the month of July

[email protected] 06/25/2020

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Grade 10 and 11 in the FET phase will resume clases in the coming month ( 06 July) . The plan for resuming classes is going accordingly.

Personal Protactive Equipments are ready for these two highest grades.The challenge of the shortage of classes has been resolved by introducing timetables that allow the smooth run of teaching and learning.

The Department of Education has been working hard with all the stakeholders on returning learners to the schools in the past 100 days ( three months)

The SGB Components , Unions for teachers and the Education Department have collectively agreed upon resumption of teaching and learning within specific dates in June, July and August.

Since the first group of learners have reopened on 08 June , the second group is expected to join them in 06 July. And the remaining grades will be introduced in August.

The department of education is working with the department of health on ensuring the safety of teachers and learners in schools. And South African schools are Reopening at the time where other schools were reopened around the world.

COVID-19 will never stop the world on sustaining education (teaching and learning ). Problems do come and they are resolved to enable life to go on. Although some problems never show specific dates for disappearing, there is always a hope for a cure for COVID-19 someday.

The storm will be over one day.

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GUEST_JReBOnRPW · 06/26/2020
what of in Zambia the grade 10 and 11
GUEST_Qy2qYLanv · 06/25/2020
BrightBunyolo · 06/27/2020
what about on Zambian when are you open grade 10 and 11
GUEST_YW5xwebZ1 · 06/27/2020
what about abet schools

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