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See Pictures of Discoveries made by SANDF at the SA-Namibia border

Nhlori_Mathebula 06/29/2020

The SA Air Force forms part of Multi-Force Deployment Operation in the Northern Cape.

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As part of Operation EAGLE EYE, the SA Air Force has deployed 15 Squadron, based at Air Force Base Durban and 41 Squadron, based at Air Force Base Waterkloof in order to carry out Crime Intelligence Missions in the Northern Cape.

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The mission was focussed in the following areas, Delportshoop, Griekwastad, Windsorton, Modderrivier, Boshoff areas, Spitskop Crossing, Jan Kempdorp, Oliefantshoek, Upingston, Kuruman Showgrounds, Bankara Crossing, Tsineng, Bothitong, Dithakong, Severn, Heuningvlei, Pampierstad, Pixley ka Seme Cluster, Sprinbok and De Aar and Onseepkans at the Namibian border.

The notable operational successes are as follows: 

* approximately 1500 vehicles were searched over a 10 day period;

* Cigarettes valued at R1 200 were seized;

* Drugs worth R50 000 were seized.

The Provincial Commissioner of the Northern Cape, Lieutenant General R.P. Shivuri extended his gratitude and appreciation to all Cluster Commanders namely Major General Bean, Brigadier Makgari, Brigadier Adonis, Brigadier Hender and Brigadier Besnaar, as well as all Operational Officers and members who participated in the successful execution of Operation Eagle Eye, as well as the SA Air Force pilots from KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and Free State for their hard work.

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The South African National Defence Force has so much work to do, which. Makes one wonder, what is the solution then under normal circumstances because this is the norm and how life goes on when it comes to crime.

Is the South African Police Services able to handle all of this crime going on in the country, so many illegal goods are easily flowing into the country with no restrictions and government needs to put a stop to all this before the country is destroyed.

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Top Comments
NakadearMsimang · 06/29/2020
No nooo take those soldiers and that forces to Beitbridge not Namibia
PatrickHlalele · 06/30/2020
SANDF is the Only Solution to Help OUR Beloved Country from Crime Infested Land.May God bless Our Boys.
JellysMgwenyaMgwenya · 06/30/2020
They can't deploy the soldiers to BEITBRIDGE because they want the Zimbabweans here in South Africa
HarryAdams_02 · 06/29/2020
only R1200. 2 packs 10?

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