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Electricity fault in Mamelodi

DimakatsokekanaZB 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Electricity in the skotakemp are giving people hart time. Everyday people are complaining about the fault of electric and they say it is said is because of iligal connection cause people are stealing lights from permanent areas. Wouldn't it be easier if those who bought transformer for their community then let municipal help them with connection instead of trying to take the transformer? All the people in the areas are in need of electricity and they'll do anything to get that.why should we stay in dark when the is electric every place? It's like our government doesn't see anything wrong with that cause they always telling people that they are not in their budget if we are not them who is in their budget?it is not fair cause some of the children here are sick and they use invigilators to breath so how will they breath if there is no electricity?

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