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Majority of the Covid-19 deaths suffered from comorbidity(56%). What it means to us all

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According to the department of health 56% of the 2456 people who died due to Covid-19 related death suffered from comorbidities. The most prevalent comorbidities are hypertension (high blood pressure) and Diabetes.

The 56% whis is approximately 1375 of the people who died due to Covid-19 suffered from comorbidities that included Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, lung cancer and kidney disease.

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Until now 59% which is approximately 811 were hypertension and 52% which is 715 Diabetes of the 1375 Covid-19 related deaths. They also reported that most people suffered from more than one comorbidity.

This means that it is important for us to stay healthy and practice safe hygiene. People who already have comorbidities should stay at home and only leave when necessary as the government announced. In the meantime they have reported 68 925 recoveries.

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"It is anticipated that while every province will unfortunately witness an increase in their numbers, areas where there is high economic activity will experience an exponential rise beginning with Gauteng and Western Cape followed by Eastern Cape and KwazuluNatal"

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