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Faith Nketsi Fired By DJ Maphorisa?

SymplyBest 06/26/2020

Did DJ Maphorisa chopped off Faith Nketsi from BlaqBoy Music Record Label or not?

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DJ Maphorisa was blamed for Faith Nketsi's bad performance. The Twitter streets dragged him and labelled him as 'comedian of the year' after Faith Nketsi' performance flop.

Maphorisa recently decided to brag about the list of signed artists under his BlaqBoy Music Record Label. Fans noticed a huge name that put him under troll last year was missing and that name is Faith Nketsi.

Maphorisa listed names under his Music Record as social media user asked for all the artists who are currently signed under BlaqBoy Music. This was the name he listed Mlido the Vocalist, Mas Musiq, Shasha, Lucascrapas, Tyler ICU, Zingah, Daliwonga, Bontle Smith, and Mawhoo.

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Many fans noticed that in the list provided by Maphorisa Faith Nketsi's name was missing and promptly made inquires as to her status. It seems like aspiring rapper Faith Nketsi may have been fired by DJ Maphorisa from BlaqBoy Music Record Label.

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Top Comments
MpumieM · 06/26/2020
she can't rap
GUEST_EL5pWXMxq · 06/26/2020
MpumieM · 06/27/2020
she's cute though
ROBERTZ · 06/26/2020
The lady is only blesd wth beauty not in music industries..i cnt blym Maphorisa..i cnt understand all her tracks#all music sucks indeed

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