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READ: The Queen "Kagiso Khoza" Loyiso MacDonald Age, Marriage, Abuse, Education And Wife

GiggyP 06/25/2020

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The Queen Superstar Loyiso MacDonald AKA "Kagiso Khoza" was born on 7th of September 1986 in the Eastern Cape province. Loyiso grew up in Eastern Cape, and furthered his studies at Durban film school where he studied Speech and Drama.

Loyiso revealed that he was sexually abused at a tender age, while he was doing Grade 6. He was victimised by his neighbor whom he describe as having a habit of sexually molesting young boys. Therefore, he was also a victim and had inform his parents about the occurred incident. Loyiso said that to speak up, helped his fellow boys to speak up after him.

This is evident in Loyiso's case that anyone could be a victim of the abuse. Speak up to help curb the rate of abuse in societies.

He worked at Durban theatre for four years before his relocation in Johannesburg. Loyiso got married at an age of 26 years and married to a musician Luphiwo in 2012, 30 September.

He currently acts at the DSTV Channel 161 Mzansi Magic Telenovela "The Queen."

Source: opera.com
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