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South Africa's Rising Star: Raphokage

Upcoming_Mag 06/25/2020

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Innocent Bakithi Tshabalala, also known by his stage name Raphokage is a Hip-Hop artist/Song writer and a visionary. He was born in the East Rand in Tsakane Langaville Ext 1. He grew up there attending school in Qedusizi Primary and Langaville Secondary. He was raised by a single parent which was his mother. His mother died in 2005 when he was 9 years old. His mother was a security guard at Nelspruit Hospital in Katlegong, she was then shoot to death while on duty. His mother's tragic death left him depressed as a child having to lose his only parent at a tender age like that. To deal with pain and sorrow he found comfort in music. The more he continued listening to music and writing, he found a way to heal and he fell in love with music. In the year 2018 he recorded his first Mix tape titled " Hidden Colours " which features a Hip-Hop artist by the name Primo Blu on a song titled "Pick up the phone". The mix tape also consists of songs like Coal train, Rap saviour and Pull up to name a few. He worked with Golf Records Entertainment on the production of the mix tape. He has performed in many gigs around Gauteng and attended radio interviews and the fans are impressed with his style of music. His dream is to become one of the best Hip-Hop artists here in South Africa and to have his songs being played internationally. At the moment he shoot a music video for Coal Train and he is planning to shoot another one for Pick up the phone .The future is looking bright for this young Hip Hop artist. In his own words he says that " everything is possible if you believe ". 

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