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Developing the NGO Project

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Most people say running a non-governmental organisation is quite difficult but I say not when you do it out of heart and expect nothing in return.I wish it was a lot easier if only people from rural villages can be helped to make a difference in their community,well growing up having nothing reminded me of how much it means for me to grow and go back to serve my community.The very same community that helped me and groomed me to be the person I am today.If only we could get exposure we would be helped but I want to be the first to show that as a youth a lot can come out of the greatness of giving back. I might not have achieved much and don't have much exposure but lately I have paid attention to all the blogs ,the you tube channels that gave me a little bit of exposure at this young age by helping people who suffers from mental issues to decrease the rate of suicides and helping the orphanages .I couldn't have asked more than to be able to work with young people who trust me with their problems and finding a way out .So many youth out there especially from the village has got all the corporate ideas but they are not recognised well I might be one of them but am also that part who want to differs and go out of my zone to get all the help I can get for them. The industry is so stagnant with same people everyday yet youth are out there being denied opportunities to change the economy,an engineer ,an artist is out there with all the greatest ideas to innovate but they are just not recognised .The question is are we failed?or we are just not pushing enough .I cant be so broken that I have 2 years with a complete book yet not published but because am one of those who never give up all the faith lies in every project am working on currently ,it would be so heartbreaking to see myself failing the young kids whom am representing and those who suffers from mental issues .

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