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Burna Boy And Sho Madjozi's Collaboration Turns Them Into Enemies.

Lehbzah 06/28/2020

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The collaboration of South African singer, Sho Madjozi, and Nigerian celebrity Burna Boy in the single row at the BET Awards has turned them into enemies. The former musicians who wear once as thick as thieves have now become water and oil since the disappearance of their new remix of the Stormzy song, Own It.

Sho Madjozi alleged that Burna Boy had something to do with the disapperence of the song from social media because it happened after a day's announcement of the BET Awards nominations.

She then posted a series of messages on her Twitter page attacking Burna Boy accusing him for causing the song to be deleted.

She says to those who have asked her where the remix of the song is Own It after being nominated for BETs in the Best International Act, Burna Boy asked Stormzy's team to remove it as soon as possible.

She saids he might be wrong but she said Burna Boy might have had other reasons for the song's withdrawal but she suspects it was due to be nominated in the same category as Burna Boy.

She says BET announced on June 15 and on June 17 she received complaints from fans saying they couldn't find it.

She wished everyone in the BETs luck and said but the judges would have the final say.

She hopes fans heard her verse before the song was removed. 

The song was originally performed by Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy. The remixed version with Sho Madjozi was released in May this year but was withdrawn this month.

In his defense Burna Boy said Sho Madjozi had to remember that this was not her song.

He said his voice is in the song and permission had to first be obtained from the Atlantic US recording company.

He says if the remix did not get permission from the company, it would be shut down. He says it has nothing to do with him.

He then Congratulated her on being nominated for BETs.

Even though Burna Boy explained Sho Madjozi is still adornment.

He said the chicken was suspicious of rabies as it relates to their alleged exploitation of BETs.

She says if they say you want it removed they mean your company. It is not possible for such a large company to produce a song without permission. "There's a lot Burna ..." said Sho Madjozi.

When this happened Burna Boy, had recently recorded a remix of Master KG's Jerusalem song and was widely praised for correctly pronouncing Zulu words, he doesn't see eye to eye with AKA after threats which caused Burna Boy's negative comments about South Africa because of violence against foreigners.

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princeonumba · 06/28/2020
a lot of typo errors on the article.... its just twisted

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