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Orania In The Spotlight -ls lt The End Of The Ora?

NDONYANA 06/25/2020

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"Orania must fall as it is against inclusivity and democracy"

These are the words of Gauteng MEC for education,Panyaza Lesufi amid their [Orania Afrikaaners]'s continuous self isolation from the rest of South Africa.They have even started making their own currency called the Ora, which culminated the public outcry for the closure of the tiny Afrikaaners settlement.

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Orania currency,,the Ora

"We understand why that institution was established.lt has lived its time now.lts now that that place must be liberated and all South Africans must be allowed to stay wherever they want to stay",said Lesufi.

Many South Africans echo Lesufi's words. They surely have had enough of these Oranians' craziness.

Can you believe they even have their own flag and laws?🤔🤔

ANC stalwart Carl Niehaus agrees fully with Lesufi.He vented out his disgust at these Orania people.

"Destroy the money, destroy the damn flag. Charge these white, Orania ,'Boerie', for their racism, throw them in jail",he said.

South Africans are following the trending story with keen interest and can't wait to see how it ends!

In response to the public outcry about this Afrikaaner settlement,the Orania facebook page posted a poem about their roots.Check the poem below :


on Monday

Hierdie Grond

In hierdie grond, het hy sy hart begrawe, met ‘n vlag wat die hoop van ‘n nuwe lewe, hoog bo die werklikheid van harde Afrika laat wapper.

En die oesreste van seisoene het soos die lag en traan van lewe sy songebrande lyne gevorm, tot die padkaart van wysheid en werk, wat aan my rigting gee.

In hierdie grond, het hy sy kinders geplant, en hul die water en hoop en kennis gebied sodat hul met selfvertroue en trots op vreemde paaie kon gaan,

paaie wat altyd en orals, terug huis toe sou lei.

Op hierdie grond, het sy hande die eelte van ploeg, pik en troffel gebrei, tot ‘n handdruk wat vertroue en respek by vriend en vreemdeling inboesem.

Oor hierdie grond, het hy sy stories gestrooi, en dit het gegroei tot verhale wat hoop en redding bied, vir hom en sy mense wat aan hom toevertrou is.

In hierdie grond het hy handgekerfde kruise geplant, om te herinner en te onthou, dat alles tydelik is, en dat selfs hierdie grond teen 'n prys kom,

‘n prys wat nie elkeen sou kon betaal.

In hierdie grond, het hy 'n fondasie gegrou, en dit gevul met die konkryt van geloof en Afrikaklip, en 'n huis gebou, met sandsteen en familie, en geelhout en gebed. En die huis staan vandag, as testament van die man van die grond.

Op hierdie grond het hy staande gebly, soos die winde van veranderinge uit al die uithoeke die stof van tyd en nuwe idees teen hom vasgebliksem het.

En soos die winde huil en dreun het hy die storm in die oë gekyk, met ‘n blik wat getuig van sy aard...

en hy het sy rug gedraai, sy kraag opgeslaan, en gewerk...

Hierdie grond...

Hierdie grond...

In hierdie grond het hy sy hart begrawe, en hier sal sy hart altyd klop, en deur al die veranderinge en stryd, en deur die eeue en tyd, sal jy die hartklop van hierdie grond hoor...

Die hartklop van ‘n Boer.

The poem is written in Afrikaans.Below is a translated version in English :

on Monday
This Land
In this ground, he buried his heart, with a flag that raised the hope of a new life, high above the reality of harsh Africa.
And the harvest residue of seasons, like the laughter and tear of life, formed its sunburnt lines, into the roadmap of wisdom and work, which gives me direction.
In this land, he planted his children and gave them the water and hope and knowledge so that they could confidently and proudly walk on strange roads,
roads that would always lead back home, everywhere.
On this ground, his hands knitted the pelts of plow, cock and trowel into a handshake that instilled confidence and respect in friend and stranger.
On this ground, he scattered his stories, and it grew into stories that offered hope and salvation, to him and his people who were entrusted to him.
In this ground he planted hand-carved crosses, to remind and remember, that everything is temporary, and that even this land comes at a price,
A price that not everyone could pay.
In this land, he dug a foundation, and filled it with the concrete of faith and African rock, and built a house, with sandstone and family, and yellowwood and prayer. And the house stands today, as a testament to the man of the land.
On this ground he remained standing, as the winds of change from all corners flashed the dust of time and new ideas against him.
And as the winds howled and buzzed, he looked into the storm with a look that testified to his nature ...
and he turned his back, raised his collar, and worked ...
This ground ...
This ground ...
In this ground he buried his heart, and here his heart will always beat, and through all the changes and struggles, and through the ages and times, you will hear the heartbeat of this earth ...
The heartbeat of a farmer.

What do you think of this Orania issue?,,,Do you find these Afrikaaners crazy and racist or just people trying to preserve their culture ?

Comment in the section below and do not forget to like and share for more updates!


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SoWhat · 06/27/2020
let those zombies go back to their father's land Netherlands 👎😤

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