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Normalize Respecting Everyone Without Knowing What They Do For A Living And Who They Know.

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Respect has been one of those important qualities that any human being should have in their life. It's very rare to go about your business in life without respect. Although many people have bought into this famous saying, "you have to give respect to get respect." Which entirely true but what happens if you don't get respect back? Do you stop respecting that person? It's not that hard though, all you have to do is give respect whether you get it back or not, that's not in your hands. Remember you can only control yourself and what the other person does with their life you have zero control. You may influence them into making the correct decision but you cannot force anyone into doing something that's not in their blood nor heart. Hence respect is something that you constantly need to practice daily. All that it is make sure that you don't step onto people's toes in life. No matter how it is but you have to avoid things that will get you into trouble with another person. At the same time make sure that you put your happiness first.

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Respect starts from an early age, its usually the teachings of your parents, then your educators and as well as the community. Things like greeting, not eavesdropping on conversations and leaving the room when elders are talking. Also saying words like please, excuse me, thank you and I'm sorry. As children grow they might have different preferences on what they regard as respect. To be honest, respect will always remain the same, it doesn't matter who you're, where you come from, who you know and what have you done. Respect sees no race, age, belief, tradition, gender and nationality. Hence respect shouldn't be associated with anything, it comes on its own. 

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We may live in a world whereby respect has lost its value. Most people are shown respect because of what they've done in their lives, how much money they have in the bank, where they work and their status in the community. The moment people know where you work or your profession, they also estimate your income and then that's when you ranked in their respective list. This has then given respect a whole new meaning that has torn the whole world apart. More people are putting a price tag next to respect and that has made it lose its value. 

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Please just keep on respecting other people. Also, know its free to respect people. You don't lose anything but it shows how much you value other people. 

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(Sources: Twitter - @MalindyHadebe & @LeratoFiona)

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