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Pecan Pie Muffin And Pineapple, Grapefruit Bellini

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Photo Courtesy: Food With Feeling


1. 250ml Pineapple Juice (3)

2. 250ml Grapefruit Juice (3)

3. 750ml Prosecco (3)


First pour the pineapple juice into a champagne glass followed by the grapefruit juice then top it off with prosecco. Add an orange peel as garnish to your drink.

You can have this during breakfast or you can drink during dinner your choice.

Pecan Pie Muffins

Equipment Needed

Muffin Pan

Baking spray

Muffin cups


1. ⅓ butter stick

2. Cup of finely Chopped Pecan Nuts

3. 1 cup of brown sugar

4. 4 cups of cake flour

5. 2 large eggs


1. Preheat your oven to 150⁰C.

2. Melt your butter over a medium-high stove temperature. While the butter is melting finely chop the pecan nuts on a chopping board. Once you have chopped it set aside.

3. In a medium sized bowl add the brown sugar and cake flour mix them together until it is combined.

4. After the butter has melted set it aside to cool down. Once it has cooled off add your eggs to the butter then mix them together.

Use a ice-cream scoop to portion out the batter. Spray the pan with nonstick baking spray first.

Bake for about 20 minutes in the oven.

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Photo Courtesy: The Girl Who Ate Everything

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