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What makes relationships not to last longer?

Banel 1d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. People tend to make things easier for them, not considering the happiness of their partners. The following are the things that makes a relationship not to last longer?:

1. Lack of communication

People lack communication in such a way that they will end up boring their partners, and this courses conflict between the two people. Two people should be able to talk about many things, eg. Life experiences and future goals and objectives.

2. Lack of vision

Some people don't know why they are in a relationship. You should be able to plan ahead. Your partner should be able to know whether you want to be with him/her in the future. If the person doesn't make you happy, live the person rather than lying about your feelings to him/her.

3. Ignoring the truth

Everyone would want to be in an honest relationship, so lying is part of the reason why relationships dont last long. Being honest to your partner is the best thing to do and is something that you might not regret doing.

4 family members

Most of the relationships are distubered by family members. Your families want you to marry the type of person they like, and this courses conflict between you and your partner.

Let's be honest to our partners and treat them with respect. Start creating a family now and avoid complications in the future. You should be able to talk to each other about matters rather involving people in ur personal problems.

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