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I Caught my Brother's Wife Taking this Drug, And this is What she Told Me

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I decided to pay my brother who resides in the city of Lagos, Nigeria a visit. Because is been months I saw him and his wife. So I payed him and his wife a visit to their base.

My elder brother has been married to his wife for over two years. Though they're yet to have children, but she's very loving, passionate and caring and our entire family loves her unconditionally.

While I visited them but couldn't leave to my base because it was already late in the night, so I had to sleep over. But my Daughter in-Law (My brother's wife) Prepared me delicious Rice and Stew.

I later engaged in a long conversation with my brother as we discussed many issues concerning our family. It was along the conversation that he told me that he intend introducing her wife to have IVF, in other for her to bear him a child

As a good Christian, I encouraged him to keep on waiting on the LORD, as GOD'S time is the best. So I later dashed out to one of the rooms to sleep, while my brother then went upstairs to lay his head.

As the Morning broke forth, my brother approached me in the guest room, and told me he is already leaving for work. In response, I told him I'll be leaving that same morning, and he gave me money for my fair.

His wife later seven me breakfast, which I took and then started prepared for my leave. She further tried to convince me to stay back for few days, but I declined and promised her I'll visit some other time.

As I was done preparing to leave, I walked straight to her room to bid her farewell. Unfortunately, I forgot to knock and I mistakenly walked in and saw taking the drug which picture is shown below.

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She was startled on seeing me, then I had to plead with her to forgive my manners. On discovering that I have already seen the drug, she pleaded with me not to tell my brother or any member of our family of what she has been doing.

She then made me promise her not to tell anyone about it. But I am lost because I don't know the work of the drug. I had to share this post so that you guys can tell me the function of the drug. Is she sick or suffering from any sickness or disease?

My brother's wife is a virtuous woman. I don't want her continue suffering. If you have any ideas, suggestions or advice, please feel free to drop it at the comment Box. Share this Article too so that people can contribute too.

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Top Comments
JosiahEjiofor · 06/25/2020
Stop the advert...fake news... You're shameless and mischievous.Since this drug is probably to treat minor infection and not to prevent pregnancy or otherwise....why are you looking for a pig in a pork?
107230 · 06/25/2020
Health issues are private and confidential hence doctors allow one patient at a time.One has right to protection from cruel people like you.Why did you take it publicly.Ask health personnel on code of conduct.
GUEST_xX7xaGQE8 · 06/25/2020
did she allow you to take a picture of the drug?I'm confused
GUEST_qmlBYrjY4 · 06/29/2020
lol those are just anti fungal drugs it's very normal for a woman to have fungal infections!

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