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If your country has more Churches than Schools or Hospitals, you need to check your priorities

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We can feel a good part of our audience's ass squeezing only with the sound of that subtitle, but we will not shy away from this truth, because it makes you feel uncomfortable. Every cultural breakthrough occurs as a result of discomfort. Historically, faith and belief have been one of the main drivers of the population. The value of religion comes from bringing people together and providing moral guidance in times of crisis.

While this has been true in the past, the crises we are dealing with are now so far removed from the domain of religion that there is little or no positive outcome in churches; even worse, they are one of the main centers of spreading the infection. For years, politicians have relied on the church's power to influence votes and, in return, have provided them with a range of benefits, such as tax breaks and little oversight of their activities. The world we live in has changed and the issues we’re dealing with have changed with it.

Romania, the country of Eastern Europe, is a tragic example of this. A large part of the country is highly religious, political parties took advantage of this to remain in power. More than 20 hospitals have been closed in recent years due to maladministration, because the people charged with effectively managing the hospitals have been appointed politically.

The current government decided to spend 150 million euros to build a gigantic church right in the center of its capital, while doctors from all over the country shouted that they did not have enough resources to monitor the day-to-day cases.

Romania has just under 28,000 churches across the country.

The number of schools: 7000

The number of hospitals: 576

There are 50 times more churches than hospitals and 4 times the number of schools.

A gloomy fact about the Balkans, in the midst of the pandemic, the church called for large meetings and communion with the same spoon, quite common in orthodox countries like Romania or Serbia. 24 hours later, most of the region's priests confirmed positive for the coronavirus and their congregations as well. A large part of the population left the country because they lost confidence in the government's ability to guarantee a bright future for them.

Despite the government's obvious poor planning, the society came together privately and, through independent efforts by the state, successfully managed to fund nearly 30 million euros and built its own hospital to care for children. Romania is not alone. In the United States, there are currently 45,000 churches and only 6,000 hospitals. It may not be Romania's number 50 times, but it's still 7.5 times a multiple.

Churches are also not cheap to administer, so it may be time for society as a whole to start thinking about the return society is getting from its dollar expenditures.

Source: opera.com
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