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Finally smokers can breathe a sigh of relief!

TebogoSenosha11 06/25/2020

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By: Tebogo Senosha.

There is a glimmer of hope for South African smokers at long last. Smokers have endured some difficult and expensive periods due to the ban on tobacco products.

The ban which was imposed on cigarettes has been in effect since the beginning of Lockdown and has led smokers into buying the painfully expensive illicit cigarettes on the black market.

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After, Fita took the government to court over their decision to ban tobacco products in the country during lockdown, representatives of Fita were confident that their arguments were strong and convincing enough to overturn the ban.

However, it seems like the government may have had an influence on the justice system or the courts, this because of the unusually long period of time that the judges are taking to make a ruling on the matter.

Since the courts were dragging the matter by utilizing delaying techniques in making the ruling, smokers decided to take matters into their own hands and not wait any further more.

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Tired of the long wait, Bev Maclean, has decided to start a petition in an effort to invalidite the tobacco ban.

Maclean also confirmed that she would do everything humanely possible to force the judges in the tobacco ban case to make a ruling sooner rather than later.

How will she do that? Well, this is how, she has started a poll on her Facebook page, with this poll, she will be able to gauge public opinion on the length of time it is taking to publish a final vertict in the tobacco ban case.

When asked about the poll, Maclean said, "I have created a poll and this poll is going to be sent to the Judges Mlambo, Basson & Molefe who are still deciding if FITA has won their court case. We, the smokers and smoker friends want a decision, we are tired of waiting any longer. I want to send the results by Monday 29 June 2020".

If we really need the cigarettes sale back in the country, we need to support this campaign because not only will it bring back cigarettes, but is is also submitting more evidence to the court to overturn the ban completely.

However the good news are that, even though there is still no official date for Cigarettes to be sold again in the country, bigger companies were now given the green light to take orders from suppliers to distribute their smokes.

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Word on the streets suggests that cigarettes sales would be brought back from 1 July 2020, however the reports still need to be verified.

When asked to confirm or deny the 1 July 2020 cigarettes sale return, a spokesperson for British American Tobacco (BAT) refused to confirm the exact date on which the ban would be lifted in South Africa, further adding that the company has started accepting “holding orders” from its customers.

Head of external affairs at the company, Johnny Moloto, explained that their move to process orders was to better prepare for an eventual lifting of the restrictions on cigarettes. However, he emphasised that their company was not selling cigarettes but rather just getting ready for the day they can put smokes back on the shelves.

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This is a glimmer of hope for all the smokers in the country because with suppliers allowed to purchase more cigarettes, there is a good reason to believe that there would be a quick turnaround in lifting the controversial tobacco ban.

According to Tax Justice South Africa, the country was losing approximately R35 million due to the ongoing illegal cigarettes sale that is currently in place in South Africa, this, they said, cost the economy of the country about R3 billion in lost revenue thus far.

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The damage caused by the banning of cigarettes is devastating and should be lifted if not for the benefit of smokers, then for the sake of our ailing economy.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
GUEST_k6wy05vb8 · 06/25/2020
I as a smoker do stand by them to hurry up and un ban smokes
NoraDiedericks · 06/25/2020
Just lift the cigarettes every time a story we are sick of all this nonsense
NaasFerreira · 06/25/2020
you try to play with smoker's minds. stop reporting this crap now. we will all wait for either government or the courts to lift the ban. stop guessing. you make a fool of yourself
MindlosMphazi · 06/25/2020
I have even stopped counting these articles that are giving us hope everyday tjo!

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