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Be Warned: WhatsApp Stokvel is Back As WhatsApp Gifting, Don't Be a Victim

rectorinator 06/28/2020

There was once a period where people were crying about losing money through scam, in a form of a scheme that was called WhatsApp Stokvel,it left many people crying scam, others fighting their relatives and friends for luring them into joining such filthy scheme.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Right now there are posts circulating in Facebook groups urging people to join WhatsApp gifting which works exactly like WhatsApp stokvel, do not fall for it,it is a complete scam,it even operates exactly like WhatsApp stokvel; this is how they do it:

1. They invite you into the WhatsApp Group.

2. They convince you to pay R1000 to the person on top

3. You invite or recruit more people under yourself.

4. By recruiting people your name moves up,then if you get to the top you get paid R1000 by every person below you.

5. The steps repeat from step 1 again

Please do not fall for this, we know that it is a very trying time for every one globally hence people are looking for ways to make additional cash but this is not an ideal solution, but a way to losing your hard earned cash.

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Top Comments
LuluM · 06/29/2020
Not interested an inch
AbramM · 06/28/2020
Eish we are tired of scammers
Mmapula · 06/28/2020
This is not a scam. I've made 6000 in 3 days.
selulekodlamini · 08/9/2020
Please you abramm need to speak to you

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