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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. People get into a romantic relationship with an ideal patner in mind, and i dont care if they said they've been waiting for you all their lives just know that there is that ideal patner they've been with all their lives.

and by that it makes it hard for people to be together because in thier minds they ticking boxes if the current patner has what the ideal partner has and there will be a time where no matter what you do it doesnt major up itll be because they pushy for that one thing the ideal patner has and they cant accept anything but so we give up trying and when we do that theres nothing that can be done

you should understand that every person in this world has everything he needs in their mind because its where people spend most of their time with themselves so the only thing you can do to alter or to reflect the world in thier mind to see what they think is to Learn from the current partner so you can bring out the ideal partner in the current

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