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SASSA Update on pending and rejected applications.

Money_Wise_Geek 06/25/2020

The R350 grant left most people uncertain. Especially those who's applications were declined and yet didn't know why. SASSA has announced what these people with declined and rejected applications can do to solve this. 

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SASSA received over 3 million applications for the R350 grant in May. Among there applications were people who were rejected. Most tool to social media to ask how come they were rejected where as they didn't have an income. SASSA was accused of falsely declining people's applications. 

SASSA took to their Twitter account to inform people on what to do if their application in rejected. In their post, SASSA stated that if you have questions and grievances concerning your application status, you can communicate with SASSA through phone of email.

SASSA stated that they will be able to assist you by providing reasons as to why your application was rejected. You can call this number to voice out your concern 0800 60 10 11 or you can send an email to [email protected] Those whose applications are still pending can also contact SASSA, however they have stated that pending meant that your application was on review and they would get back to you 

For those who's applications have been approved but haven't received payments, SASSA stated that there was no fixed payment date for this grant. You can check when you'll get paid through their srd website.

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Top Comments
PriscottMudau · 06/26/2020
since May is still pending ppl that I have done for them after me they have been already approved and paid
TatumDavis · 06/25/2020
I sent them e-mail they responded quick and still say I'm declined
GUEST_6EaP87wmJ · 06/28/2020
Why are my application still pending people get money but my application keep saying pending this is not right and I am not working. My application for Sassa are also declined but I don't worry if they do that I will survive. God give me food everyday and with His love I will survive
MakunguNeski · 06/25/2020

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