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Old Woman With Dementia At Park Station Needs Help

AngelShikwambana 06/26/2020

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The above picture is a picture of a grandmother who was seen at Johannesburg, around park station in the streets. The grandmother does not remember her name but she remembers her surname which is Dlamini.

The grandmother also remembers her daughter's name who is Melita, her surname is not known. Grandmother is originally from Soweto as she said when asked where she is from. She allegedly suffers from dementia.

It is not known the period of time since this grandmother has been out in the streets. It is also not known how she got to Johannesburg town, whether she went by herself or went with someone and got lost there.

We plead with the public to please share this information with people around Gauteng and near Soweto. If ever you know this grandmother or their family somehow, please contact them to fetch her in Johannesburg town. It is also advisable to take her to the nearest police station whenever seen.

Source: opera.com
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