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Gauteng department of education has received 170 thousand online applications to date

maxmpho 06/26/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. At least one hundred and seventy thousand applications for Grades one and eight for the 2021 academic year have been recorded to date, that's according to the Gauteng Department of Education.

The department said on its first day of opening yesterday, some parents experienced glitches after a new security feature was added. However, the department has assured parents that the system is efficient and they should not rush to apply as there is no first come, first served policy.

Gauteng department spokesperson, Steve Mabona said "we might have experienced the challenge in the first hour yesterday but we can confirm that most of the parents are now in the system. They are not experiencing any challenges. Those parents that are still in the position of applying we just want to call up on them not to rush not to panic because the principle of first come first serve is not going to be utilized in this process".

Meanwhile The Department has identified 34 decentralized walk-in centres in different areas where applicants will be safely assisted to make applications. In addition, all District Offices and Head Office will serve as walk-in centres.

Source: opera.com
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