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PSL over Glad Africa Status

LindokuhleSpeaks 06/25/2020

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In recent seasons, we have seen the rise of club owners who have sold their National First Division's club statuses to buy PSL clubs. Is it ambition or merely buying success and an elevated social status?

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First, embattled PSL club Bloemfontein Celtic announced that they had reached a deal to sell the club to Tim Sukazi, owner of TS Galaxy playing in the Glad Africa Championship. Now, Bidvest Wits have announced the sale of its PSL status to the former owners of TTM, another club that campaigns in the Glad Africa Championship.

Glad Africa Championship team owners are abandoning their teams in the lower division for teams in South Africa's Primier division.

One could remark that the owners have ambition to compete at the highest level. However, an argument persists that club owners who have amassed wealth in the business sector, view having a PSL status as the ultimate in terms of how they are view by society and their community.

As a PSL club owner, the respect, admiration and elevated social status is one that many a man of wealth desire. Your community and country celebrate your name daily as one of only sixteen people that own a PSL status.

For many Glad Africa Championship owners, it is worth abandoning their teams for a PSL status in order to gain that admiration. 

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