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Enough is not Enough this must STOP

AmazingNews 06/25/2020

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The African culture greatly appreciates old age and the wisdom that comes with it, the experience of both good,bad , successful and unsecessfu moments life has thrown at them. Buy into the old man's wisdom and more of religious teachings , you are old in thought but young of age like one of Africa's modern Revolutionary " JULIUS MALEMA".

Any old political player is living in our time and sitting on our position, the dream of holding our future into our own youthful hands has been hijacked by old aged politicians who only care about their own biological children and the welfare of their grandkids. The governed are only remembered when elections are around the corner , the governed are only remembered when amending the constitution.

This is our future , this is our time , it only comes once in a life time ,we are tired of being used as catalysts of political violence , bootlicking and foot warriors ( cheerleaders).

We deserve a sit at the high table because we the youths are the country . No sense, the minister of youths is more than 35 years.? ,such is what western philosophers will refer to as jungle cabinet.

We have been in the sun for too long, we humbly deserve a place in the shade too , like your children, grandchildren, relatives and your close associates ,we are all citizens.

Tomorrow,self proclaimed REVOLUTIONARIES will be put on a litmus paper that will determine the future of the current downtrodden youths .

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