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If you have one of these stains.

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Stains can be annoying and ruin our favorite garments. They occur every day with food or coffee we have on the go or at home. But it is overwhelming when trying to remove stains which just won't go away. By now you know that soapy water just doesn't do the trick at times.

Here are some stains and it's key removers to get rid of stains.

Grass use vinegar

Red wine use white wine

Grease use soda

Blood use hydrogen peroxide

Oil use white chalk

Coffee use baking soda

Sweat use lemon juice

Lipstick use baby wipes.

There you have it!

Go on and restore your favorite garments and carpets at home. Remember to exercise some patience when dealing with old and tough stains.

PS: Add some table salt to your laundry when washing to restore your garment' colour and have them look as bright as you first bought them.

Say no to stains.

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