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Very bad news for South African smokers as court finally decides on cigarette ban

Ahmahle 06/26/2020

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South Africa nation got into a national state of lockdown few months ago. While placing the country on the said lockdown few things had to get banned to avoid the further spread of the virus.

The cigarette ban as well as alcohol sales were part of the few things that had to be banned by the government.

According to the government said claim "cigarette also added to the rise in the number of cases through sharing, and as a result needed to be banned"

It has been a case of on and off as smokers have always wished and hoped for tobacco return, while they lived in uncertainty and impatience.

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Recently The application by Fair-Trade Independent Tobacco Association is had been banished.

With these words‚ the high court decided on Friday that the offer of tobacco items would stay prohibited under South African administration's lockdown guidelines. 

Fita had taken the legislature to court‚ testing the continuous prohibition on tobacco and related items. Government had contradicted the court application depending to a great extent on the negative effect of smoking. 

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The adjudicators hearing the case said in the judgment that the Numerous items that were disallowed during the lockdown time frame were the ones characterized as not advantageous.

These items were confined as a method of checking and dealing with the pandemic. 

"Fita's contention that cigarettes should have been considered 'fundamental' since they are addictive has no legitimacy. 

The way that a substance is addictive doesn't render it basic need said the court.

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Top Comments
LauraWaspe · 06/26/2020
well people share alcohol, cooldrink and things too so why don't you ban that too. ours government Not being very fair to us. I think he needs to think again of unbanned the CIGARETTES! who agrees on what I says?
MinahNtsabo · 06/26/2020
Maybe those illogical trade is for them they get more money that is why they're burning Tobacco for so long and they don't worry
MinahNtsabo · 06/26/2020
Cigarettes never couse Corona you guys are killing our brothers and friends about what you're doing this people are daying coz they smoke unknown cigarettes you know what you're doing is totally wrong to the south African you kill them slowly
ShillestahLiesering · 06/26/2020
no only now they will share cause of the illicit trade that they as gov support they've allready sucked us dry but its fine now they want to make sure they render more millions in the industries jobless let them carry on with their illicit trade and drain the economy even more with their foolish actions im done with gov and so are millions of citizens were only waiting on 2024 elections when we might live in a democratic SA instead of a communist country governed by tyrants...who have no compassion for the citizens

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