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Mercy creates headlines over luxurious BFF's birthday present

Leeroyce 06/25/2020

Mercy undoubtedly gets a luxurious gift for her eternal best friend ,BFF .

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Madam and Mercy have indicated that no gift is too expensive, outrageous nor overrated for the loved ones and important people in their lives.

On their reality show ,Wednesday evening’s episode of Madam & Mercy, have both left viewers to experience it directly .

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Causing her friends birthday celebrations Natalie, extravagant and unforgettable .

Mercy thought to take Natalie to one of her most fancied hotels in Cape Town .

This was a memorable vacation for the ladies that was a tribute and dedication to her BFF and was supposed to indicate just how much she is loved and valued in their friendship .

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The pair had an intimate dinner , where they had a long table and two cakes .This occasion had every participant dressed in their gorgeous outfit .

Madam (mother to Mercy) shared some pearls of wisdom with Natalie. “Happy birthday, my darling. When it’s your birthday, don’t get a big head because you’re growing. Stay the way you are, be who you are, and God bless you.”

She included that she treats Natalie as her own child. “She’s such a beautiful lady. She needs to be well groomed by people that are not jealous of her.”

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They all wished her growth, success, wisdom and love. Mercy came on to share ,“I love Nat. Something that I’ve realised about her is that she’s so open and so honest and so fragile”.

She then gave her friend a gift that she’s always been in demand of . 

“Me and Nat have been speaking for quite a bit about her boobs .I would like to gift you with new babies,” Mercy told her .

Natalie was more than pleased with the gift and explained that she’s always wanted to get bigger breasts but was scared.

She added that her partner doesn’t really believe in breast augmentation .

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