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Tears As 3 Newborn Babies Test Positive For Covid-19

Lawlar 06/25/2020

To the utmost surprise of everyone, three newborn triplets have tested positive for the deadly coronavirus pandemic in Mexico. While the babies are gradually recovering and now in a stable condition, it is important to note that the parents of these babies are coronavirus negative. This has therefore stirred a great deal of tension on when and how they got infected. Many people have speculated that they might have been infected by the health workers.

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However, the three babies were born prematurely and are currently reposed in the transmission electron microscopic machine for an onward incubation. It is believed that the spherical viral particles, colorized blue which contain cross-section through the viral genome will help to fortify and develop the babies to the fullest state of recovery. It is interesting to note that a gale of excitement has been pouring in after the news that they might be released in the few days to come. This is heartwarming.

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More specifically, the triplets were born in the central Mexican state of San Luis Potosí and tested for coronavirus on June 17. The report was ascertained after a series of tests were carried out in compliance with the state's health protocols on childbirth. The report that was returned three days later showed that premature babies were positive for the virus. It is instructive to note that the case of the three babies is the first youngest infection to be recorded across the country. In view of this, the health management disclosed that the triplets are being closely monitored and will ensure that they weather the storm.

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Be that as it may, we enjoin the health management to conduct a rigorous and discreet investigation with a view to uncovering how the child got infected bearing in mind that the parents are not COVID-19. This will guide the health care workers on the irreducible means of treating the patients in the hospital. Already, one of them has been placed on antibiotic drugs and he is quickly doing well. This is imperative. It is unfortunate that the parents have not been able to have direct access or contact with their children owing to the health infection. More often than not, they have been able to see their newborn babies through video calls.

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Given the current prevalence, it is heartwarming to note that the authorities have begun a discrete investigation on several potential sources of contagion such as the mother's breast milk. This is because this was passed to the babies at the initial stage. One of the babies had developed a respiratory infection but is exclusively doing well through the aid of antibiotics. The management of the hospital has acknowledged that the fact that only children tested positive without the parent shows how unpredictable and complex the virus might be. Hence, the need for researchers to intensify efforts and become more circumspect. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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