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Double Trouble for Dlamini Zuma as BAT Court Case is set for 30 June

Cheznikove 06/25/2020

Date: 25/06/20

The long awaited cigarette court case from one of the biggest tobacco manufacturers in South Africa geta a date in court. British American Tobacco is officially set to fight against the cigarette ban case on 30 June.

The case was suppose to be heard on June 22 but there were complications with scheduling the proper dates. This case is amongst the long awaited court cases pertaining challenging the lockdown regulations.

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This case is a big one because it was one of the initial cases that challenged the decision by Cyril Ramaphosa and Dlamini Zuma to ban the sales of tobacco products.

The first case was dropped after British American Tobacco had a meeting with the National Coronavirus Command Council(NCCC) to discuss the issues of the cigarette ban.

In this meeting BAS says they were explained to as to why the ban was in existence and the benefits it would bring to South Africans during the national lockdown.

British American Tobacco then dropped the case saying that if this ban was to save South African lives they are not going to stand in the way of that.

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The main reason why the case came back into discussion is because the government of South Africa together with Dlamini Zuma had decided to go against the agreement. The agreement was that the cigarette ban would only last for level 5 and 4 of the lockdown.

When Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the country will be moving to level 3, he excluded the unbanning of cigarettes. This aggravated BAT because the idea of the ban being lifted in level 3 was changed.

BAT being the biggest tobacco company in South Africa poses a massive threat on Nkosazane Dlamini Zuma. She had felt confident going against FITA because it was a local company and they over powered it with resources.

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Dr Dlamini Zuma's non scientific arguments were an indication of how much she undermined FITA. She is now facing double trouble as both FITA and BAT are taking her to court for the exact same reason.

Cyril Ramaphosa has distanced himself from this whole issue. He has previously said that the cigarette ban was a collective decision but has totally distanced himself from both court cases.

The FITA court case was heard on the 10th of June. Though it was a case that was made widely public, its outcome was withheld from the public.

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The question now is but one. Will the British American Tobacco case also be withheld from the public or will everything be laid out on plain sight?

What is known is that Dlamini Zuma has bit off more than she could chew with this prolonged ban on tobacco products. She will soon face the wrath of 11 million smokers.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Leave a comment below and please follow for more updates on the ban.

In other news:

Cigarette Ban Could Last 2 More Months If Case is Lost, A Win is a MUST!

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The cigarette ban court case outcome has been withheld for almost 2 weeks now. The need to withhold it was never truly communicated but the public is still to get the ruling.

The fate of an 80 day long ban hangs in the balance, if the case is lost by the tobacco companies, hope for cigarettes being available will be shattered to pieces..Continue Reading

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Top Comments
MelodyGradidge · 06/25/2020
basta will win viva smokes
SandraEdo · 06/26/2020
the other newspapers just said this has been moved to the 2nd of August????
CarolineJeanAllin · 06/26/2020
Please roast the fat elephant, zombo
MindlosMphazi · 06/25/2020
Ok thanks I wish they win so that we can be free from these articles about tobacco every two minutes....

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