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Complaints response on intersection of R71,R40 and Lulekani turnoff

NhluvukoGraciel 06/29/2020

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Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality would like to remind residents that the R71 and R40 are National Roads. As such are controlled and maintained by SANRAL who are a branch of the National Department of Transport.

It is their mandate to monitor trends on the roads, maintain, erect signage and ensure best practise on road marking suitable to each individual situation.Due to the high accident rate and inherent dangers on some sections of the R71, they have planned to change in road marking to combat the high accident and fatality rate at hot spots. 

These include the double barrier lines at Schietoght as well as two mountains. It also includes the remodeling of the intersections of the R71 and R40 and R71 and Lulekani turnoff. They have started marking but as you will understand, one cannot paint entire intersections in a day. It is done in sections to still allow traffic flow while the paint is applied and gets dry.

According to the maintenance team, they are hoping that they will complete the task by this Friday. Both the Department as well as Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality and Limpopo Traffic will then monitor usage for effectiveness and carry out enforcement for those that break the law.Having studied the plan submitted and undertaken numerous inspections, it is our opinion that the changes are for the better and will assist in combating the accident rate in that area, and more importantly the high fatality rate.

Saving lives is far more important than saving 10 seconds on your trip. Be careful, be vigilant and Arrive alive.

Source: opera.com
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