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Donald Trump in serious trouble as Iran issues warrant for his arrest after he did this

Cloud13 06/29/2020

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If you could remember that the U.S. killed one of Iran Top General and others in a drone attack that took place in January, Iran has now issued an official arrest warrant for Donald Trump and they have also sent a message to Interpol to help them detain the U.S. President.

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Since January, they have been blaming the president for authorizing the drone attack which killed General Soleimani and others with him.

As confirmed by a top media outlet, Tehran prosecutor said Donald Trump and those involved in the drone attack that killed the General face charges of homicide and terrorism.

However, Iran has made it clear that they will continue to prosecute him even after his presidency has ended.

The prosecutor also made it clear that they were requesting support from Interpol to find trump and those involved in the assault and apprehend them.

Interpol has reportedly received Iran's appeal, and has not yet replied.

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