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Daily Maverick and amabhungane 'Still banned from EFF Press Conferences' Pauli Van Wyk

Katishi 06/25/2020

With the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader having called on the journalists to have him on the hot-seat and ask anything they want to know, especially regarding the swirling reports about him and his Deputy being involved in the VBS looting saga.

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The reports emerged just after Mr Malema announced that he will very much invite Pauli Van Wyk as a drawcard, following his son's suggestion that her being there will mean that he got nothing to hide, the investigative journo has unfortunately stressed that she will not be attending.

Her reason? Mmm.. Well they were banned from the EFF conferences last year and she will only attend if the ban is officially and publicly lifted, and with her indicating that she will not be joining the interrogation panel, one don't know whether the interview or interrogation will still go ahead.

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The EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambo responded angrily to the Journalist announcement on her Twitter page, by calling her the hired gun of the Rogue Unit (The investigative Unit formed by Sars during the Pravin Gordham's stint as the tax collector) and went as far as stressing that she even use the services of the same attorney used by the unit, in trying to implicate red-berets in wrong-doing.

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And he further detailed that now that she's given the the time and opportunity to ask questions, she hides behind the frivolous reasons.

What do you make of the Daily Maverick and amabhungane journalist's reluctance to question Malema, because the publications she represents were banned from attending EFF Press Conferences?


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