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The Aftermath of Covid-19

Rickyjulian19 2d

We were all going on with our lives not knowing that something might be disruptive to our lives and make our lives a living hell,We never thought it might end up on our shores because China is quite far and we never suspected that it might end up here,the lockdown caused many lots of pain and suffering as inequalities in our government started sufficing,others couldn't follow the rules of the lockdown due to hunger issues and because of all the sugar coated lies fed to them by government as others used this opportunity to spend time with there family which they hardly ever did because of there daily lives at work,the "Corona virus" is going to have major repercussions and people that thought that after the worst things might end up normal again,it in fact won't be as retrenchments looms and the economy is taking a huge nock,breadwinners will lose there income that use to be there family's only way of survival and the because of the damage caused by the virus,crime,domestic violence and murders will spike and people will hurt each other beca View pictures in App save up to 80% data. use of the disastrous implications of Covid19,we should brace ourselves as the aftermath of this Virus is yet to be experienced and unfortunately the government won't have a backup plan for anybody except for themselves and there familys

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