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Man Boasts On Twitter "Instead Of Me To Visit South Africa, Let Me Die a Poor Man”

SANews366 06/24/2020

It is a shame on South Africans or The Man ..?

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A Twitter user tweeted and highlighted reasons why re refused coming to stay or visit South Africa. He said that South Africa is a country where xenophobic and Afro phobic, that he isn't risking his life in South Africa in order to get rich, he rather stay in his country poor than risking his life in SA.

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The recent burst out on both South Africans and Nigerians on social media was about the recent video that was exposed online where a lady was dancing and twerking for a group of Nigerian boys. She was reported seen almost [email protected] and dancing, which lead to many controversies about Nigerians drugging her.

Since the incident, there have been exchange of words between Nigerians and South Africans, two rivals.

"Recently, after Ghana demolished the Nigerian government embassy building in Accra, many south Africans took to Twitter to mock Nigerians saying that the Nigerian embassy in South Africa could as well be demolished because Nigerians were dealing in drugs, immorality, scamming and other illegal activities which is the reason why they want the undocumented immigrants to leave the country for good".



Source: opera.com
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