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Heart touching and interesting meaning behind South African celebrities' tattoos.

Lucia_The_Writter 06/29/2020

Real meaning behind our favorite celebrities' tattoos.

Boity Thulo

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The rapper recently revealed her ink art, the word "namaste" on her forearm. The word is derived from the sanskrit word "Namaskar".

Below the word is a sentence "The God in me bows to God in you". It is still unknown what her tattoo is implying as she has not opened up about its meanings. This tattoo left fans with many questions.

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Many are not impressed by her tattoo. One fan tweeted "we not sure which God you talking about gogo , but God almighty does not bow and he won't definitely start with you, just saying a simple fact Gogo B."

Zinhle Jiyane (DJ Zinhle)

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DJ zinhle have four tattoos. On a spine, impulse , forearm and the last one is on her right wrist. The famous female DJ has always wanted to have a tattoo.

In all these tattoos, the one in her wrist which is her brother's name, Zakhele, who taught her how to deejay and also who is her manager; and the one that is on her forearm written, "dance with my father " with a butterfly next to it , are very important to her. Her brother, Zakhele took the role of being a father to her when her father passed away.

Somizi mhlongo

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The famous TV personality has 17 tattoos. He inked himself to prove wrong his late friend, Lebo Mathosa. Lebo told Somizi (Somgaga) that if he doesn't get a tattoo it means he is a coward.

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Out of 17 tattoos he has , the one he got 15 years ago explains the roughness he went through when he stood up for his sexuality. The tattoo is near his right shoulder, which is an eagle. He decided that he would be like an eagle and rise above all the hatred he endured.

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