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Opinion: Should men ask wife before giving their 'mom' money?

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The world is a confusing world in this global age, as motherhood is becoming a thing to be questioning, and it will be right to know whether a man needs to consult with his wife before giving money to his mother.

It has been generally seen cross the world that, it's fair to say that most men share a special and unique bond with their mothers. And, in South Africa culture, the mother/ son relationship is elevated even higher due to the culture of taking care of parents when children start earning an income.

Then, can we ask whether a man needs to consult with his wife before giving his mother money or not? It has been a very complex question over the years, but based on the general reactions, it was quite a polarizing topic, while many stressed the importance of communication in a marriage, some; men, felt their partners did not need to know. But, should men truly ask that?

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