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A life cut short Chris Hani

Givenbalestic 06/26/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Chris hani was the leader of south african communist party chris hani was born on 28 june 1942. Hani is well known in south africa for participating in liberating south africa n paving the way to the new democratic south africa.hani was the chief of umkhonto we sizwe (mk)

After so many years in the struggle hani got many followers all over south africa making him one of the most followed anti apatheid activist.

Chris hani life was cut short in cold blooded manner in 10 april 1993 by Jonas waluz who was a polish immigrant who shot him just after he step out of his car.

The death of hani create controversy as some people belive that janus waluz didnt tell the whole truth .

After so many time to get parole waluz is still up today still behind bar living many with many questions that what is the agenda behind as many of perpetrator who committed political influenced atrocity had long given parole. And amnesty

It mark 27 years after the death of hani

Do you think jonas waluz deserve parole?

Comment your thought


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