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How Former President Zuma's Nkandla Home has Grown

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South African's former President Jacob Zuma has been under fire for spending about $23 million( £13.8 million) of taxpayers money on upgarding his rural home. A report by South Africas ombudsman says he should repay some of the costs. See how his residence in KwaZulu-Natal has grown.

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The government has insisted that upgrades to the predsident's home in Nkandla were purely for security reasons but the evidence-including satellite pictures, shown below suggest otherwise, with images showing an amphitheatre, cattle enclosure and swimming pool were on part of the work.

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It is believed Zuma was occupied the land, which sits about 24km (15miles) south of Nkandla town, since 2010. This satellite image from 2006 shows a smell collection of buildings on the land.

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By 2010, the number of buildings on land had doubled. A security assessment of the property in may 2009, the same month President Zuma was sworn in, confirmed the need for a security upgrades and this increased when three new houses were build on the land later that year.

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This satellite image of the land in 2013 shows substantial work had been done since 2010, with a new security fence encircling the entire residence, a football pitch, helipads and swimming pool. Other additions included houses for some ratives as well as a visitor's lounge and an amphitheatre.

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The public protector's report said: " The president tacity accepted the implementation of all measures at his residence and has unduly benefited from the enormous capital investment in the non-security installations at his private residence."

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