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How to cooperate during covid 19

Naphuno 1d

Many when they are in church the believe that nothing Will happen so many are scared of what might happen

So far we have lost many people because of covid 19 washing your hands is not a waste of time but if you don't wash your hands itwill be a waste of life there is no harm in doing good this is not the time to debate its time to be at home check your garden do everything at home don't act like yu need a soldier View pictures in App save up to 80% data. groups are not good for our health because if one is affected all of you will South Africa be responsible it will end only if your also helping don't wait for a soldier to tell you to wear a mask it's your health take charge stop leaving in the old and move to the new ,new South Africa you know how good it is to relax at home think of what you want to do after this covid 19 think of business idea think school you wont get bored

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