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Cunning thief robs a customer of her wallet and money at Power store in Giyani

Liveth72 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Valencia Mbokota was on Saturday, 21 June 2020 robbed her wallet and cash amount of R1, 900 by an unknown lady who is alleged to be preying on vulnerable people in Masingita mall, Giyani. 

Valencia told Giyani View that she was approached by the stranger who complimented her makeup dressing. She had a basket in her hand, pretending to be buying clothes as I was also buying clothes for my children.

She kept our conversation about the makeup dressing for about 40 minutes, and afterwards left the basket full of clothes on the floor.When I realised that my wallet was missing,the lady was nowhere to be found. 

The store was closed and she was no longer in the store.They reported the matter to Masingita mall security guards, whose attempts to trace were unsuccessful.A few minutes later, R1 500 was withdrawn at Malamulele road shop, and a minute later R400 was withdrawn from the same ATM. 

The bank card which the money was withdrawn from didn’t belong to me, but to my Aunt who sent me to withdraw some money for her.The bank card was wrapped with a piece of paper with the pin code written on it. I had my husband’s bank card and he called me after several attempts to withdraw money from his account was detected by his bank,she said. 

Giyani View understands that Giyani police refused to open a case, stating that there’s no evidence. Giyani police spokesperson, Constable Ridgewel Rikhotso was not reachable for comment. 

Valencia suspects that Power store employees might be working with the lady,after claiming that there is no CCTV in the store.

Source: opera.com
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