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Tragic Accident Caused by Cows

CocoMagubeni 06/24/2020

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The N2 between the small town of Mount Ayliff and Mount Frere in the Eastern Cape are home to accident. This is caused mostly by reckless driving,speeding, small roads with potholes or even worse animals that go around at night unattended. This tragic accident happened an hour ago, where four cows were crossing the roads with no one herding them and they collided with the car that was reportedly speeding over the allowed minimum speed in the area. Motorists driving on this route are urged to drive carefully as there maybe delays due to this accident. There are no injuries or deaths reported so far and the road is not completely closed as cars pass by. Emergency personnel are on site and are making sure that there is no traffic jam.

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A month ago, a few kilometers away from this scene on the same road a taxi and a truck collided head-on as sheep and all 15 passengers who were in the taxi lost their lives. This is clearly a serious matter because there's no monitoring of animals at night and there are no legal actions that are taken against the people who own these animals. Stay safe, drive carefully.

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OkaiJuniorAlfred · 06/26/2020
how come this car

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