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CapeBio technologies company will assist South Africa with a shortfall of 5000 Covid-19 testing kits

EstherMotlhabane 06/29/2020

By Esther Motlhabane

CapeBio Technologies is a private company chaired by Scientist, Co-founder: Daniel Ndima aged 33 years of age. The company is situated in Pretoria. CapeBio prides themselves in their mission to deliver excellence of their products so others’ can have quality of life. 

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The company which is supported by government will assist South Africa with a shortfall of 5 000 testing kits every day from the end of July. The Coronavirus hit South Africa, earlier this year, there has been criticism of the implementation of the response to fight the pandemic due to a less number of available testing kits.

What makes the testing kits unique?

These testing kits will produce results within two hours compared to the available imported kits types in that are currently accessible in the market and produce results within three to four hours.  Co-founder of CapeBio Daniel said: ‘’ We are not here to say that we will replace imports. But at least we can reduce the backlog meaningfully.’’

South Africa today confirmed that the death toll of Covid-19 cases is at; 2 529.

South Africa is the highest hard hit country on the continent by the Coronavirus.

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