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A security guard has discovered an abandoned two-weeks-old baby outside the hospital's premises.

Wandi$ 06/26/2020

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An infant believed to be about two weeks old was discovered, wrapped in a green towel in a deserted plastic bag outside the Melomed Hospital in Bellville on Tuesday.

The hospital said the security guard discovered the little girl on the ramp leading to the hospital around 17:50pm.

"The baby was then taken into the hospital and the staff medically examined, bathed, fed and treated the baby," said spokesperson Shameema Adams.

The department of social development has been let know- and the infant is being circulated by Pink Ladies, who attempt to reconcile families or assist in finding missing people.

In the meanwhile, the infant is being cared for at the hospital paediatric unit. She has been tested for Covid-19, so that whoever plans to adopt her will know each and every detail surrounding her.

"The age of the baby still to be confirmed, but she is doing well and loved by the staff," said Adams.

Police spokesperson Mihlali Majikela said anybody who can help the Bellville police locate her parents can contact Detective Sergeant R. Davids on 082 522 1095 or on 021 590 1001/1010 or 021 918 3000 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

Police have opened a case of child abandonment.

Wandi$: The person who left the baby outside the hospital for her to be found ddint have to resort to what they did instead they could have followed the proper channels by giving the baby up for adoption. But instead what they did is to leave the baby outside in the cold exposing her to many risks including the deadly Covid-19.

There are many couple out there who want babies but fail to conceive and would give everything that they have to be able to make babies, but many people seem to be taking that blessing for granted. Being able to make babies is a blessing and I wish that everyone can see that more especially people who throw away babies as if they are garbage like this.

The baby has proven to be strong because it seems like the cold ddint affect her, and I am glad that the child ddint die or get sick because little babies are more sensitive than adults. Or maybe the baby was lucky to be discovered so quickly by the security guard who found her but regardless of that atleast the baby made it and she is alive and ready to be given up for adoption.

I applaud the security guard who found the baby because they were vigilant, and I would like to believe that the security guard who found the baby is the baby's hero because had the security guard not found the baby in time most probably a predicament was gonna occur. And the police must do everything that they can to ensure that they find the baby's parents so that they can answer to what they did.

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Bettieokotie · 06/26/2020
I thought its in Nigeria I would have adopted the baby may GOD watch over the baby

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