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Machethe Aluminum and Welding donates food parcels at Silawa Village

Liveth72 06/25/2020

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Although the prolonged national lockdown has shielded people and prevented a rapid spread of the coronavirus, it has also left many destitute and in a real battle to fend off hunger and starvation.

The manager of Machethe Aluminum and Welding Charles Machethe heard the cries of his community members and did his part to help them through these perilous times.

I decided to donate food parcels to 5 families, since I saw them struggling during this time of the lockdown,” said Machethe.

He further said that the continuing lockdown has affected many families, since they do not know how they will feed their families due to the scarcity of jobs.

I feel good because I managed to keep the smile on the faces of my community members, and I’m looking forward to help more people who are in need of the food during this period,” said Machethe.

Machethe said that he encourages people with small projects and NGOs to help the people who are crying out for help.

Source: opera.com
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