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UMQOMBOTHI our Culture

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. umqombothi is traditional beer that has been there for centuries. It is a homemade beer that is healthy. It is an adult beverage that we normally use for cultural reasons.

Traditional beer is made by our elders during initiation and other ceremonies such as weddings. It is preferably used by elders for home celebrations, whenever they are happy they Brew traditional beer to give thanks to ancestors.

Ingredients that are used to brew traditional beer are easily found in nearest shops with affordable prices.

The ingredients includes water, yeast, King Kong . They said to be and amazing beer that will take over the western beers .

Traditional beer a convenient beer , it tastes good when it is given more days to brew,as lovely as it is ,it also requires patience . Umqombothi is part of our culture and we should pass it's brew lessons to next generation.

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