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Start a new week with Jesus and see how prosperous your week will be prayers for the week


View pictures in App save up to 80% data. As we ascend today to begin our week after week venture; drained, peppy, moving around by and large. I think about the heaps of the week and I venture my out into the sky to submit all to you. It would be ideal if you keep us safe and guide us from the predators out and about. Favor with us with the ability to have the option to work during that time and give us effortlessness to live in you and for you.

2 Take charge of crafted by our hands goodness Lord! Assist us with talking respectably to our partners, loved ones as we go into the new week. Give us the beauty to live as indicated by your will in this new week. Invigorate us the to move forward and have an upbeat new week.

3 For those that are having week by week issues as the week go back and forth, father favor them during that time and contact crafted by their hands. Guide them through this harsh territory and let them land securely to their goal in this new week. Let us meet up toward the week's end to commend your name.

4 As you have begun for the current week, I wish you an upbeat new week as of now. Make God favor you and lift you amidst life's thistles. As you work so a lot and work so hard, may God cast great collect on you. As you offer and love your neighbors, partners, loved ones, may you discover love in seeing all men. glad new week to you.

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