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“We Own Cars And Houses In Our Country But All You Have Is Your ID Card” Man Mock Mzansi

Anabelblog 06/24/2020

An angry Zimbabwean who is angered by the trending ZimbabweansMustFall hashtag trending on Twitter and Facebook, being promoted by South Africans have taken to Facebook to bashed South Africans saying that Zimbabwe is way a better country than South Africa.

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Posting in pan-African Facebook group, he noted that 90% of the cars and houses in Zimbabwe are owned by they, Zimbabweans and that all South African have and value is their ID card. He was furious because of the trending hashtag of ZimbabweansMustFall and ZimbabweansMustGo which started trending immediately after NigeriansMustFall and NigeriansMustGo ended.

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South Africans have been at loggerheads with Zimbabweans regarding the population of the illegal immigrants of Zimbabwean descent currently living in South Africa. South Africans always have many things against the illegal immigrants, ranging from destruction of the border fence to gain entrance into South Africa to vandalizing of the border fence wires and steel poles.

They have also accused them of providing cheap labour which have subsequently put many south Africans out of job and also crimes and illegal activities all of which Zimbabweans have always denied. Though some Zimbabweans were deported before the pandemic of Coronavirus escalated, there are still over 4 million illegal Zimbabwean immigrants living in South Africa.

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Top Comments
SharonJohnstone · 06/25/2020
To hell with everybody and I don't care which side of the tracks you coming from,you busy talking about houses, IDs and cars yet the world is getting wasted with covid19, you got small brains like chicken,you should be discussing how to turn the curve on this pandemic, sharing information on this platform as Africans or whatever you want to call yourself. In Nigeria you keep quiet about corruption going on in your country, in Zimbabwe it's the same thing you failing to put pressure on your government to stop stealing from the poor, in Mozambique the government has allowed bandits to take part of the country and you keep quiet and watch people dying coz nobody cares, in South Africa so many problems the Afrikaaners are busy dividing South Africa into small countries eg Orania in northern Cape still in Northern Cape another small city or town called Eureka is being set up South African on this platform is making noise about it,instead you got energy insulting each other about houses and IDs. If all of you love your countries like you claim mobilise yourselves and go fix all those problems than wasting time on this platform swearing at each other.
GUEST_r4AEBnynv · 06/24/2020
the guy is telling the truth zim we build our suburbs own our own to hell with beggars who always toi toi
SibongileNkiwane · 06/24/2020
thats all what u know thats why corona is killing u left right and center just yesterday it was Nigerians now its Zimbabweans u must must be ashamed of yourself idiots
SibongileNkiwane · 06/24/2020
we dont stay in shacks we dogs and chickens in shacks not humanbeings shem

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